Brothers Wright To Age Bourbon In Kentucky Coal Mine

$38 Million Project To Be Built in Pike County

We have a new entry in the contest to find interesting places to age whiskey: coal mine-aged bourbon. Brothers Wright Distilling Co. recently announced it will build a $38 million distillery in Pike County, Kentucky and age its bourbon in “a rehabilitated underground coal mine.”

Brothers Kendall and Shannon Wright bought 1200 acres in Eastern Kentucky three years ago to create a corporate retreat location. Part of the property included abandoned coal mines.

“From 1913 to 1946, more than 23 million tons of coal were mined out of this property,” said Kendall Wright, co-owner and COO of Brothers Wright Distilling Co. “Miners from all over the world traveled here to work, live and provide fuel to our nation during its greatest period of growth. We feel there is something special about honoring the work completed here over a century ago with a completely unique bourbon experience.”

The new product joins bourbons being aged at sea, on the Mississippi River, and on tour with country music stars. You might want to revisit our tongue-firmly-in-cheek thoughts on some other unique places that bourbon might be aged.

Brothers Wright Distilling Co. By the Numbers

  • 12,000-square-foot distillery
  • rickhouse, welcome center, museum and restaurant, 20-acre tract – part of a larger 1,200-acre property
  • Aging will happen on 1,400 acres underground
  • The mine property operated from 1913 through 1946., and Project complete by the end of 2024.

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