Our History - Components-01

The idea of aging Bourbon in an eastern Kentucky coal mine is no new concept. It was long ago discussed between Brothers Wright co-owner Kendall Wright and the famous Lincoln Henderson. Famous hardly does Mr. Henderson justice. He was with Brown-Forman for nearly 40 years developing some of the most legendary brands in Bourbon. It is said that he tasted over 430,000 barrels in his lifetime. Henderson came out of retirement in 2006 to develop one of the most well known modern bourbon brands.

Lincoln Henderson and Kendall Wright developed a friendship tailgating University of Kentucky Football games together which led to hours of sharing Henderson’s newly developed port barrel aged Bourbon, Wright’s world class eastern Kentucky apple pie moonshine, and a lifetime of stories.

As the years went by, Wright brothers Kendall and Shannon had multiple discussions about what a great idea they felt this would be… they just needed the perfect opportunity. Little did they know the perfect opportunity would soon make its way into the light and set this dream onto a path of realization.

The Wright brothers purchased a 1000-acre farm on the banks of the Tug Fork river in Pike County, KY bordering West Virginia and immediately started restoring it into a corporate retreat. While researching the propertys rich mining history dating back to the early 1900’s they came across some lost underground coal mine maps. The brothers set out to locate accessible entrances in the hope of one being just somewhat useable. What the brothers soon realized was that this mine wouldn’t only work for their idea of coal mine aging but was an opportunity larger than they could have ever dreamed.

You see, long ago, beginning in 1913 and running through 1946, the Leckie Colleries Co. laid out and mined this particular seam of coal throughout the property. It was mined with such precision and craftsmanship that now, over 100 years later, even the original dry-stacked rock walls constructed by Italian masons are still intact. They divide entryways and intersections throughout the mine just is as it was when it was built in 1913.

After months of work to rehabilitate the once forgotten coal mine, it’s now home to hundreds of barrels of Brothers Wright Straight Bourbon Whiskey with room for thousands more. The hard work and dedication of coal miners over a hundred years ago helped fuel the nation during their time. Now their work from a century ago is helping create an opportunity and environment for a unique spirit from the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

The coalfields of central Appalachia are steeped in a history of hard work and a people who have a special kind of care for their neighbors and communities. The Wright brothers have an enormous passion for Kentucky bourbon and a deep love for coal mining. They bring those values of hard work, care, and perseverance into the bourbon industry with them. This endeavor is a passion of the heart on many levels. We hope you enjoy the worlds first Coal Mine Aged bourbon.