Introducing Brothers Wright Reserve – Our premium, very small batch four grain blend of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. This expression features a continually evolving blend of wheated bourbon, and rye bourbon that comes together in an expression that pays homage to the four cornerstone gains of the bourbon world: corn, wheat, rye and malted barley.


Brought to you from the discerning palates of our Brothers Wright tasting team, this exquisite bottle encapsulates the artistry of blending, seamlessly bringing together the rich, robust character of rye bourbon and the smooth, mellow notes of wheat bourbon.


When the Brothers Wright tasting team set out to develop this product, our intention was to to create a mainstay product based around the art of blending and the intricate complexities associated with four grain bourbon. Brothers Wright Reserve is our long term, ever evolving, series that will continually push the boundaries of what flavors can be achieved through the four cornerstone grains of bourbon. Combining the rich, bold flavors of spice and black pepper of a rye bourbon with the smooth and sweet flavors of vanilla, sugar, and sweet cream of a wheated bourbon is a challenge, but one that has a wide range of potential flavors that can be achieved and highlighted through each unique blend.


Grab a glass and continue along this endeavor with us as each release of Brothers Wright Reserve will be a slightly unique experience, continually pushing the boundaries of four-grain Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. 

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